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The foaming properties of polyurethane compounds are used in the production of soft foam details (seat forms and sound insulation), rigid foam details (wall braces and reinforcement modules) and integral foam details (armrests, headrests, compartments and handles/grips). We combine the PU foams with reinforcing materials, e.g. plastic sheets (PVC and TPO), wood or metal to increase performance of finished products.

The processes are used in the manufacture of:
Polyurethane spraying
PU spraying is a method used to produce outer surfaces of details (in soft-touch PU). The process is used in the manufacture of: Technical specification and capacity of related machines:
ISOTHERM AG: Minimum output: 0.6 l/min; 60 g/s Maximum output: 10 l/min; 160 g/s.

Coating of substrates with various dimensions and thickness ranges.

Polyurethanes Polyurethanes Polyurethanes
ISOTHERM AG elastomer injection moulder Elastomer-coated detail