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Assembly lines
Automet specialises in the production of conveying and assembly lines. We can present Assembly Lines developed by our Construction Office and made in our Plant.

An assembly line is intended to upgrade assembly processes by automation of assembly stations. The assembly lines completed by our Plant contain a system of assembly stations whose modular construction allows for an easy extension and modification of functions and operations. Our lines are very flexible when it comes to mechanical construction and automation. We make them with the use of a system of aluminium sections, being lightweight construction profiles, screwed with special joints.

Basically each line is composed of station modules (combined to form the whole system) and a control cabinet. Products are conveyed along zero line pressure conveyor systems where assembly trucks move; we can also construct the assembly trucks on request. Depending on the assumptions, the line can operate in a system of forced truck movement (continuous flow) as well as in a step work system. The line flexibility allows for providing the station with appropriate tools and making assembly operations using these tools. Each operation can be confirmed and managed with the line control system and transmitted to the main plant control system. Each product completed on our line can be labelled and traceable depending on the process assumptions.

Handling of the line is limited to switching on the power supply at the beginning of work and to providing components of the assembled units.

If you are interested in the aforementioned or similar line to improve your production, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department. Our staff will respond to any request for quotation.

Assembly lines
Assembly lines Assembly lines